CREA : National homes sales up 12.9 per cent in October as compare with last year!

CREA : National homes sales up 12.9 per cent in October as compare with last year!

The question about the Real Estate market health and status is always a part of conversation whenever I meet my clients, have a quick chat with them on the phone or even in the social setting. As real estate is one of the largest asset investment someone does in their lifetime, they are always interested in knowing about the industry to keep track of their investment.

As a Real Estate Professional, I tend to provide this information to my clients on a timely basis. This is the recent article published by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) regarding the real estate industry in Canada in the month of October 2019.

Buying a home in winter? Here are the main benefits


Being a real estate agent, I get askedeveryday what is the right season to buy the house. People are usually drawntowards buying a house either in spring or summer as they believe thatis the best time to buy a home but forget that everyone’s thinking is the samewhich end up bringing lot of buyers in the market and create competition andbidding wars. Being a Real estate professional, I have seen and noticed thatthere are benefits of buying a home in winter months.

This article is a great read for buying a house in winter months. If you area buyer and is looking for an opportunity in the real estate market, I wouldsuggest looking at different options in the during winter months is not a badidea as there are less buyers and less competition. 

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